RNDCoin and Steemit

Many have asked about the RNDCoin and techy Steemit forum, especially the connection between these two. So here comes the explanations for the curious ones.

Rndcoin (RND) is a digital currency that runs on the Steem blockchain, which is a distributed ledger that powers Steemit, a social media website. On Steemit, users can create and curate content and get rewarded with Rndcoin for their contributions. Steemit is different from other social media websites because it is not controlled by a central authority and users have full ownership of their data and money. Users can also exchange Rndcoin for other digital or fiat currencies on various platforms.

The Steemit platform

Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website. Users can gain a cryptocurrency, STEEM, for publishing and curating content. The company is owned by Steemit Inc., a privately held company based in New York City and a headquarters in Virginia. Steemit is designed as a decentralized application (DApp) built upon the Steem blockchain, using the eponymous cryptocurrency STEEM to reward users for their content. By voting on posts and comments, users get to decide the payout of those posts. Users also get so-called “Curation Rewards” for finding and upvoting content that gets upvoted by other users afterwards.

It was launched in March 2016 by Ned Scott and blockchain developer Daniel Larimer. It is currently one of the most popular applications built on the Steem blockchain, with over 1.2 million registered users. To sign up on Steemit, you need an email and phone number to verify that you are a real person. The sign up fee is covered by Steemit Inc., so you can join for free.

Topics at Steemit

Some of the popular topics at Steemit are:

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain: Many users on Steemit are interested in the technology and innovation behind the Steem blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. They share news, analysis, opinions, and tips on various aspects of the crypto space. Especially RNDCoin or RND. Some examples of tags for this topic are #crypto, #blockchain, #steem, #bitcoin, #ethereum, etc.
  • Photography and art: A lot of users on Steemit showcase their creative talents and skills by posting original photos and artworks. They also appreciate and support other artists by upvoting, commenting, and following their posts. Some examples of tags for this topic are #photography, #art, #creativecoin, #ocd, #appreciator, etc.
  • Travel and culture: Some share their travel experiences and stories from different places and cultures. They also learn from other travelers and explorers by reading their posts and engaging with them. Some examples of tags for this topic are #travel, #culture, #travelfeed, #haveyoubeenhere, #worldofxpilar, etc.
  • Food and cooking: A lot of foodies love to share their recipes and cooking tips with other foodies. They also enjoy discovering new cuisines and dishes from different countries and regions. Some examples of tags for this topic are #food, #cooking, #hive-120586, #tasteem, #foodiesunite, etc.
  • Writing and literature: Many users express themselves through writing poems, stories, essays, and other forms of literature. They also participate in various contests and challenges to improve their writing skills and earn rewards. Some examples of tags for this topic are #writing, #literature, #hive-174578, #freewritehouse, #steemexclusive, etc.

These are just some of the popular topics at Steemit. There are many more topics that you can explore and join based on your interests and passions, either if you are new to it or and old user.. You can also create your own topics and communities to attract like-minded users.

Rewards in SBD instead of RNDCoin

Steemit rewards are the incentives that users receive for creating and curating content on the platform. Rewards are paid in the platform’s native cryptocurrency, STEEM, which can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies on various exchanges. There are three types of rewards on Steemit:

  • Author rewards: These are the rewards that users receive for posting original content on Steemit. The amount of author rewards depends on the number and value of upvotes that the post receives from other users. The author rewards are split into two parts: 50% in STEEM Power (SP), which is a vested form of STEEM that gives users more influence and voting power on the platform. Or also 50% in liquid STEEM or Steem Dollars (SBD) instead of RNDCoin, which can be withdrawn or exchanged immediately.
  • Curation rewards: These are the rewards that users receive for upvoting other users’ content. The amount of curation rewards depends on the timing and value of the upvote, as well as the user’s SP. The curation rewards are paid entirely in SP, which increases the user’s stake and influence on the platform.
  • Beneficiary rewards: These are the rewards that users can assign to other users or communities for their contribution to their posts. For example, a user can set a percentage of their author rewards to go to another user who helped them edit their post, or to a community that supported their post. The beneficiary rewards are paid in the same proportion as the author rewards (50% SP and 50% STEEM or SBD).

How to increase your rewards

There are several ways to increase your rewards on Steemit, such as:

  • Upvoting quality content early: By upvoting posts that have the potential to go viral or receive a lot of attention, you can earn curation rewards, which are 25% of the total post rewards. The earlier you upvote, the higher your curation rewards will be. As long as you upvote after the first 5 minutes of the post’s creation. You can also use tools like SteemWorld or SteemPeak to see the potential rewards of a post and the optimal time to upvote.
  • Increasing your Steem Power (SP): Your SP determines your voting power and influence on the platform. The more SP you have, the higher your vote value will be, which means you can earn more rewards from upvoting and posting. You can increase your SP by powering up your liquid STEEM or SBD but not in RNDCoin, or by delegating SP to other users or communities that can reward you with a share of their earnings.
  • Creating original and engaging content: By posting high-quality and valuable content on Steemit, you can attract more followers, upvotes, comments, and resteems. This will increase your author rewards, which are 75% of the total post rewards. You can also use tags, images, videos, and other formatting tools to make your posts more appealing and visible. You can also join communities that are related to your niche and interact with other users who share your interests.

More ways to increase rewards of RNDCoin

  • Assigning beneficiary rewards: You can share a percentage of your author rewards with other users or communities. Those who helped you with your posts, such as editing, proofreading, promoting, etc. This will encourage them to support you more in the future and also increase your reputation and network on the platform. You can use tools like SteemPlus or SteemPeak to set beneficiary rewards for your posts.
  • Participating in contests and challenges: There are many contests and challenges on Steemit that you can join to showcase your skills and talents, such as writing, photography, art, music, etc. You can win prizes in RNDCoin, STEEM or SBD for participating or winning these contests and challenges. You can also gain more exposure and followers by joining these events. You can find contests and challenges by browsing the tags #contest, #challenge, #steemexclusive, etc.