Tesla updated Model Y in China – new features and same price

Tesla has announced a minor update to its Model Y electric crossover in China, which includes a redesigned interior, a heat pump, and a larger battery pack. The new Model Y also features ambient lights and new wheels, according to Tesla China’s official Weibo account. Despite these improvements, the price of the Model Y remains unchanged at 276,000 yuan ($42,800) for the Standard Range version. The Long Range version goes for 347,900 yuan ($53,900).

New interior design

The most noticeable change in the updated Model Y is the interior design, which now matches the one in the Model 3 sedan. The new interior features a wood trim on the dashboard, a metal scroll wheel on the steering wheel, and a revised center console with wireless charging pads and sliding doors. The new interior also has a matte black finish instead of glossy black, which reduces fingerprints and glare.

The updated Model Y also comes with ambient lights that can be customized in different colors and patterns. The ambient lights are located on the door panels, footwells, dashboard, and cup holders. You can control them via the touchscreen or voice commands.

Improved efficiency and range

Another major upgrade in the new Model Y is the addition of a heat pump. Which improves the efficiency and range of the vehicle in cold weather. The heat pump uses waste heat from the battery and motor to warm up the cabin and battery, instead of relying on electric resistance heating. This reduces the energy consumption and increases the driving distance.

The new Model Y also has a larger battery pack than the previous version, according to some reports. The battery capacity has increased from 60 kWh to 66 kWh for the Standard Range version, and from 75 kWh to 82 kWh for the Long Range version. This could translate to an extra 40 km (25 miles) of range for both versions.

New wheels and exterior colors

The updated Model Y also sports new wheels that are different from the ones offered in other markets. The new wheels are 19-inch Gemini wheels for the Standard Range version, and 20-inch Induction wheels for the Long Range version. These new wheels have a more aerodynamic design and a darker color than the previous ones.

Tesla China also added two new exterior colors for the Model Y: Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Silver Metallic. These colors join the existing options of Pearl White Multi-Coat, Solid Black, and Red Multi-Coat.

Strong demand and competition

The updated Model Y is expected to boost Tesla’s sales in China, which is its second-largest market after the US. Tesla delivered 44,264 vehicles in China in September, up 13% from August and 202% from a year ago. The Model Y accounted for more than half of those deliveries, with 23,715 units sold.

However, Tesla also faces increasing competition from local rivals such as Nio, Xpeng, Li Auto, and BYD, which offer similar or cheaper electric crossovers with comparable features and performance. Tesla’s market share in China’s electric vehicle sector dropped from 18% in June to 11% in August.

Tesla is also facing some challenges in China. Such as regulatory scrutiny over its data security practices, customer complaints over quality issues, and labor disputes with its workers. They have been trying to address these issues by improving its customer service. But also by expanding its charging network, and increasing its local production capacity.

Tesla hopes that the updated Model Y will help it maintain its lead in China’s electric vehicle market and attract more customers with its value proposition and brand appeal.