Re: ADOX in vb6 and access97

Ricardo Furtado wrote:
I'm trying to update a database structure from another (updated)
When i'm creating the missing fields i can't determine the field
I can find what is the name of the missing field, i can determine its
but for instance if the field is a 'Yes/No' field i'm not able to
if in the field properties the value 'necessary' is true or false, or
if it's
index or not, and if it is, what type of index its using. Is there
any way to
do this (find and set the field properties)?

I've never done what you are attempting to do with ADOX (you might consider
using DAO instead - DAO exposes so many more Access-specific properties than
will ever exist in ADOX). I assume you have access to the ADOX
documentation: refer to the appendices where you will find provider-specific

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