Re: How do you get excel to calculate using ADO?

mike wrote:
hello everyone,

I can put and read values from excel using ado. I think the main
point of using excel is you can use it do some calculations. however,
when i put values in some cells and read the values of cells that
normally calculate something using those inputs, it doesnt work. I
have to open excel manually, then close it, before the values of those
cells update. How do I get excel to calculate from ASP using ADO or
some other method so that I can read the updated values?

No way that i know of: for calculations to refresh, the Excel
application has to be involved, which is not the case when using ADO.
Microsoft advises against automating Office applications in ASP code. I
think you are just going to have to do these calculations in your
vbscript code.

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