Re: Unable to deploy early bindings

I am having the same problem, but for the following scenario
In my project I am having one dynamic send port, it is deployed successfully.
But when I tried to deploy the same application by changing the version and
Name of the application in Properties->Assembly and deployment
I am getting following error.
Unable to deploy early bindings.
Failed to update binding information.
'ApplicationName_1.0.0.0_Namespace.AROrch_SendPort_42c411ac316d135c' already
exists. Specify a unique SendPort name.

I changed Assembly version, ApplicationName and .snk file aslo...

Could anyone suggest the solution.

"Morten" wrote:


Does your Orchestration and Pipeline Project hold the same BizTalk
Application Name (Properties->Configuration Properties->Deployment/
Application Name?
Do you have "early binding" in your orchestration ports (have you
chosen "Specify now" and already chosen your new pipeline in the

I think the problem is one of two things

1) You have chosen early binding and the pipeline is being deployed to
another BizTalk application.
Solution: Choose "Specify Later" instead of "Specify Now" in your
orchestration Port bindings.
Or: Make sure the projects are deployed to the same Application
Or: Deploy the Pipeline first. Create the Application that the
orchestration is going to be a part of. Make a reference to the
pipeline Application and then deploy the orchestration.

2) Visual Studio has messed up the bindings of ports and pipelines.
This sometimes happens but only if you have already deployed the
pipeline before, and already is using it in one or more receive/send
Solution: Close visual studio and remove all custom pipelines from any

I don't think your problem is the latter since it sounds like the
pipeline is brand new.

Also remember that the pipeline component must be deployed in the GAC
(Not that the error message you're receiving right now has anything to
do with that).

Hope this helps otherwise please give more info about your setup.

Morten la Cour


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