RE: BizTalk Throttling

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Thanks Kallu.

What license do you run? Why I'm asking is that we where supposed to
install Standard, but got Enterprise and changed to Standard after first

I wonder if our problem might be related to that Standard do not "allow" two
servers polling one message box, and that the messages are tagged in some way
with some kind of "server id" and when one server restarted the other, which
might be the one saving the message in the first place, started polling.

Any idea on that thought?

Kind Regards
Martin BRing

"Kallu" wrote:

Not yet Martin

I will let you know once i find something. In the meawhile i will continue
to monitor BizTalk Peformance counters

"Martin Bring (Sogeti Sverige AB)" wrote:

Hi Kallu.

I am experience similar problem, see "Message sleeping in Message Box".

We have had messages that is not picked up until restart of hosts. We have a
clustered environment with 2 BizTalk serveers picking up messages.

How you found any solution?

Kind regards

Martin Bring

"Kallu" wrote:


BizTalk messages are getting published to the messagebox but not getting
We have separate host instances for receive, processing and send

Once the host instances are restarted all the messages are getting processed

Any suggestions?


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