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I used the pipeline component wizard to generate the framework for a
receive component that spins through the context properties of a
message. The execute looks like

When I put this component in the decode stage and test with
pipeline.exe, I see all of the debugging and get an output file that
looks like my input file. When I put the component in the disassemble
stage, I see the debugging info, but get the error

Source: PipelineObjects
Message: Invalid pointer

HRESULT: 80004003

and see no output file. What's the difference between the stages that
causes this result?

Likely the cause is that you're component is a general component, not meant to run on the disassemble stage. Disassembler components must implement IDisassemblerComponent instead of IComponent. However, it doesn't seem to me to make much sense to run your component in the disassemble stage; is there any specific thing you hope to accomplish that way that you cannot do in one of the other stages?

Also, it might be more useful to dump your things using System.Diagnostics.Trace instead of Console.WriteLine, since that would never be available while running inside BizTalk....

Tomas Restrepo


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