Biztalk offline WebService Receive Port online...

Hi folks

I have a BizTalk orchestration with a WebService Receive Port. The
autogenerated proxy for the WS marked the WebMethod as OneWay. The
server just went down and when it came back up, the WebService came
online but due to some other reasons, the BizTalk application did not

The clients that send messages to this webport continued to send it
messages without errors (presumably because its async and the clients
did not receive any exceptions).

1. Did I lose all these messages?
2. What is the best practise for such a situation.
3. Is there a way to make the receive port not be OneWay, if so, does
it mean my Clients will have to wait for the long running orchestration
to finish? I just want to trap this particular scenario of BT app not
being available.



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