Re: Output validations error: The root element is missing

Yep that did it thanks!
"Marleen N." <marulien@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Hello Jeff,
> We had the exact same problem recently.
> The following is based on the assumption that your input file hasn't
> been altered in any way since the working version. :)
> In our case this was caused by referenced dlls that had been re-built
> or otherwise altered. Removing the refereces and re-adding them to the
> project did the trick.
> If any of the dlls are used in the map (eg. scripting functoids using a
> referenced assembly) check that your keys and version numbers are still
> the same between the GAC-deployed and the mapper used version of the
> dll. If not: alter the map in text-view with a search replace on key or
> version number.
> Hope this helps you solve your problem! :)
> Marleen N.
> Jeff Wessling schreef:
>> So suddenly my map that was working is now giving me this error and when 
>> I
>> try to open the output file it's blank. Anyone know what's up? I've 
>> pulled
>> old versions of the map that I know worked and am getting the same 
>> behavior.
>> Anything in the environment of project files that might cause this?
>> Thanks,
>>     Jeff

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