RE: XML Namespace Required in all XML data?

From: X5 (
Date: 06/28/04

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:18:02 -0700

Hi Mark,

Simply you can receive any xml document without namespace by remove schema namespace. Follow these steps:

1- Open your project and from "Solution Explorer"
2- Point to any schema and from "properties" and just delete schema namespace :)

Note: If you remove namespace you will have this warning --> warning BEC1007: Node "<Schema>" - Target namespace is empty, but it will works fine in runtime.

I hope it will be helpful for you...

>"Mark" wrote:
> It seems like BizTalk 2004 requires the BizTalk Reference Namespace to
> be in the XML document for both the request and the response when used
> inside an Orchestration. I'm unclear why it just can't accept XML
> according to a predefined schema that we explicetely define and attach
> to a message instance?
> For example this doesn't flow inside my orchestration (Sample 1):
> <Request>
> <FirstName>John</FirstName>
> <LastName>Doe</LastName>
> </Request>
> But this does (Sample 2):
> <ns0:Request xmlns:ns0="http://MyBizTalkTest.Request">
> <FirstName>John</FirstName>
> <LastName>Doe</LastName>
> </ns0:Request>
> I've not been too concerned about it until lately when I found out
> it's also required for the HTTP adapter (request/response) as well.
> The concern I have is that I'm using BizTalk to post to a 3rd party
> website that accepts XML in the format of Sample 1 above and replies
> the same way. How can I inject the BizTalk schema in the response?
> I'm using the sample "HTTPSolicitResponse" from the SDK.
> Any direction is appreciated.
> -Mark

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