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From: Michael Roze [MSFTF] (
Date: 06/11/04

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 21:54:41 GMT

I'm sorry I don't seem to understand the qustion.
What do you mean by "have the instances act as different BizTalk Servers"?

I will make an assumption and try to answer your question.
Yes you can add additional BizTalk Servers to the same BizTalk Group.
These servers do not have to perfrom the same role as the original BizTalk

E.g. You can create a new Host [SQLRxHost].
You can then add the new server as a Host Instance to the new Host
This server can then be dedicated to receiving input for the SQL adapter.
You can guaranty this by mapping the SQL Receive Handler to this newly
created Host.

The other server can continue to perfrom the roles it was initially
configured to perform.
If you do experience performance issues and wish to scale out you can
always overload the 2 servers.
By adding them to the other hosts, thereby balancng the load.


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>>Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to have the instances
>>act as different BizTalk Servers, instead of a load
>>balancing situation?

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