Re: Installing SBS on a non-server computer

Note that some of the hardware in the HP Pavilion a1560n may not be
compatible with Windows 2003 Standard (the base OS for SBS 2003).

I'm not sure if the files included in the .zip file they gave you will work,
but you can give it a try...

Download the Intel zip file they gave you to a Windows XP desktop that has a
floppy drive attached, then double click the file. In the resulting window,
drag the Windows 2003 folder to the desktop. Now copy this Windows 2003
folder to a floppy disk (should be about 500K). Attach a USB floppy drive
to the a1560n. Pop in SBS 2003 CD1 and boot up on the CD. At the start of
the installation press F6, follow the instructions and put the floppy the
floppy disk in the USB floppy drive when asked.

Also, for better coverage, you may want to start posting in the SBS 2003

Merv Porter [SBS-MWP]

"greg" <greg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
hp tells me the controller i asked about and included in the last post is
for the disk drive but it is the one for the cd/dvd unit. I am told that
controller drivers are part of chipset drivers.
they gave me this link*+2003+Standard+Edition&lang=eng&strOSs=94&submit=Go%21
and told me to download the 4th one. your help was better then all the
assistance i got from hp. will this link and chipset driver work?

"Merv Porter [SBS-MVP]" wrote:

I think you may be doing your client a disservice by not installing SBS
proper server hardware, but...

You're going to need a USB floppy drive since the a1560n doesn't have a
floppy disk drive. Download the drivers for the SATA disk controller to
floppy disk and then when the initial Windows 2003 base install starts to
load, press F6 to load the SATA drivers from the floppy disk.

Win2003 not recognize SATA drive

Merv Porter [SBS-MWP]

"greg" <greg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have installed SBS and Server 2003 on my dell dimension computers
with no problems, I have a small home network and used the installs to
configurations that i would deploy on "live networks" that have "real
So when a Client asked if I could install SBS on a new HP pavilion
thought it would work. It is not, The pc currently has media center
on it and it is working fine. when I try to install sbs it says it does
find any hard drives installed and setup cannot continue. I was told to
the hard drive for master/cable select settings and make sure it's set
master. I need any help someone can give me.


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