Re: new sbs 2003 problems

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Hi Jonathon,
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To resolve your first issue, you need to move the default "Users Shared
Folder" to the data drive this document will show you how:

To resolve your second issue.
Use the Setup Client Computers Wizard on the SBS2003 server to setup
computer names.
Use the Setup User Wizard on the SBS2003 server to setup users.
Make sure the workstations are getting their ip address from the SBS2003
server then type:
http://SBS2003Name/connectcomputer into run when you are logged on to the
computer as the local computer administrator. The connect computer wizard
will ask for your Domain credentials then allow you to pick the computer
name then map the domain user name to that of a local user.

Your third issue should be resolved if the computers are using the SBS2003
as the DHCP DNS server.


"Jonathan Crawford" <jc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi
> I have just spent a day and a half with our new (first)
> SBS server, and it is now turned off and in a cupboard
> and I have just about resisted the temptation to embed an
> axe in it.
> the problems I can't resolve are
> a) I sent up a user and the system creates a user folder on the small c
> drive
> instead og the vast d drive, despite the fact that I have told it not to
> b) When I create a user I want it to absord the current user on the client
> machines,
> but it doesn't so all their settingas sre lost.
> c) The server connects to the internet but the clients won't.
> This the reason it is in the cupboard.
> I was wondering if there is a reasonably simple step by step for this
> process. I have been using the migrating from peer to peer document
> from ms but frankly it assumes you have done all the difficult bits
> before it even starts
> any help appreciated
> jonathan


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