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Thanks for the reply again steve.
I have the ALLOW ALL rule as you explained. I also have a rule which Denies
access to "All except Selected Destinations" for the user in question. When
trying to access ANY destination from the users client PC I am prompted for
username and password to connect to ISA. I have installed ISA SP2 if that
has any bearing.

Confused !
and thanks again,

"Steve Foster [SBS MVP]" <steve.foster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Gary D wrote:
>> Hi Steve. You replied to my earlier post about restricting web sites
> using
>> destination sets and s/c rules in ISA.
>> I had a default set of SBS2003 rules. I am able to ALLOW a user access
> to
>> all websites except for (for example). BUT I am unable to
>> the user access to all websites except for
>> When the 2nd scenario is in place all websites seemed to be barred, as
>> though the specific allow (for is being ignored.
> As I undoubtedly explained, Deny always beats Allow.
> So, any Rule that Denies All effectively kills all access (this is handy
> to know if you've got a trojan/spyware/whatever spewing crud to the net).
> You need two Rules:
> * one to Allow access to specific sites (or a blanket Allow All)
> * one to Deny access to "All except Selected Destinations" using the
> allowed sites set
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> Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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