Re: Workstations won't share objects or folders when logged into SBS 2

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Check the security and system event logs.

I think you may find an issue with authentication, i've seen a similar issue
with computer account issues. You may want to get the computers to rejoin
the domain.

"RJinIdaho" <RJinIdaho@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have a client who stumped me with this one. SBS Server 2003 with
> three workstations running XP Pro SP2 logging into the domain. Everything
> works fine, Internet, Exchange, all of that. The problem is, the
> workstations
> won't share printers or folders. For instance, if he publishes a
> printer to Active Directory, it publishes fine. But, no one can use
> it. Same with shared folders. He tells me it asks for authentication
> (username/password) when the other workstations try to access the
> objects. I have run through all the normal stuff half a dozen times,
> made sure he was publishing correctly, had him try setting up all the
> workstation users as Admins, everything I could think of, still gets
> the same problem. He took one of the workstations to a different
> building with an SBS box and it all worked fine on that one, so it's
> SOMETHING on the server, but what? He is trying to avoid a complete
> reinstall. Anyone out there ever heard of this? Thanks.
> Bob


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