Re: Can SBS 4.5a and SBS 2003 Exist on Same Network

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No, you're right SG it's 14 Days.

Henry Craven {SBS-MVP}
CI Information Technology
Melbourne SBS Users Group

"SuperGumby [SBS MVP]" <not@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> yes, it actually has to do with the base limitations of SBS.
> Two SBS's cannot exist in the same domain. MS showed some foresight in
> implementing SBS2003 and allow an SBS 2003 server to exist for a
> period of time (I thought it was 14 days, but other indications are 7)
> with another SBS in the same domain.
> There are circumstances where Joel's implementation of two SBS servers
> on the same ethernet segment do not invalidate his license. I hope he
> is aware of this and is within licensing bounds. Unfortunately, his
> comment that data is easily accessible between the domains suggests
> this is not the case.


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