Re: SBS 2003 store.exe eating memory

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On a server with more than 200Mb or so of RAM unused by other processes
STORE.EXE will use memory until:

1. The entire email database is in RAM.
2. 98% or so of physical RAM is in use.

It will then release RAM as other applications need it. Any email accessed
once will stay in memory if at all possible. Better for performance. 1Gb or
more RAM used by the STORE process in common.

Mal Osborne

"Simon" <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> HI
> I am a novice at this game; I am running SBS 2003 with
> five users accessing the server via VPN connections to
> pickup exhange mail and internal files - all works fine.
> But the application store.exe seems to eat more and more
> processing power grinding the server to a standstill
> resulting in me either rebooting the server or stopping
> and restarting the store.exe application - probably about
> once a week.
> Any ideas? Answers preferably in English and pitched so
> that a 3 year old can understand it ...
> Cheers


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