Re: Accidently Delete Machine

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swing the PC back to workgroup while disconnected from the network (make
sure you know the LOCAL Administrator password for the machine) and then
rejoin to the domain.

"JT Tish@xxxxxxx>" <Margo<nospam> wrote in message
> Can anyone tell me how to restore a machine that was accidently deleted
> from server. If he unplugs his machine (RJ-45) he can boot his machine
> normally, then plug in his RJ-45 and access internet. If he tries to boot
> machine, when plugged into RJ-45, he gets error. His machine no longer
> shows under server. If he tries to set up new machine, and use wizard to
> attach computer, he gets message back that this machine is part of domain
> already.
> Any advice on how to restore the old machine name? Thank you in advance.
> JT


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