Re: Server with 3 NICs

From: Per W. (
Date: 07/01/04

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2021 21:12:12 +0200

"Phil S." <> skrev i melding
> Others will reply, I am going to address just a single point in your post:
> TCP/IP addressing.
> You have other problems like DNS on external not showing ISP, and WINS
> enabled on External NIC.
> Any server OS needs to know which physical card to send a packet of
> to for network communications. If you have more than one NIC installed,
> the address and the mask, the OS will know which physical card on the
> expansion bus to send the packet. (the exceptions that I know of:
> Microsoft ISA is installed or one of the SBS series of OS)
> For example: with a 24 bit mask (mask= means
> any packet sent to the network over that NIC must be in the range of
> thru (1st (000) and last (255) held in reserve.)
> If you sent a packet to address and another to address
> they would go to the same physical NIC card.

10.x.x.x is a 8 bit mask network. You should NOT use 10.x.x.x in a 24 bit
mask network. The 192.168.x.x is a 24 bit mask network

/Per W.