Access 2000 Runtime Install-on-Demand

From: Jean (
Date: 07/27/04

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 10:05:42 -0700

I have developed an Access 2000 program that is distributed to a wide customer base that may or may not already have Access installed. My installation program (Wise Installation System) determines if Access is already installed then installs the Access 2000 runtime if it is needed.

My problem appears when a new UserID attempts to run my program for the first time. Access immediately looks for the Runtime installation source before it can continue. If the user clicks OK after each attempt to locate the installation source (it does this 3 times) my program continues and seems to function fine.

I don't understand what Access is looking for but I'm thinking it's related to the "Install-on-Demand" feature. Does anyone have any idea how to install the runtime so it does not try to install files on the first use? Also, how can I determine the files/features the "Install-on-Demand" is looking for?

Any help is appreciated.