Re: Access 2002 command line options.

From: Chris Mills (
Date: 07/21/04

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2021 02:53:37 +1200

> My understanding is that for /runtime to work you had to have either the ODE
> installed or an actual Runtime app. Otherwise you are missing a required

In A97 you needed mso97rt.dll rather than mso97.dll in order to use /runtime.
How you get hold of that file, of course usually requires the ODE.
(I can't confirm David's experience, I had the ODE to generate the installs
:-) )

I recall Michael Kaplan had something to say about that as he worked for
Microsoft at the time (he didn't like separate files). Subsequently, in A2k or
greater, runtime is merely built-in and does not use different files (I
believe!). Therefore, anyone can now use /runtime to test an app for runtime
compatibilty, which is about it's only use. To actually distribute (runtime)
Access, of course requires the ODE.

(In fact, I always have /runtime on the command line of distributed apps. The
reason is, not really security, but I have no control over whether they
already have full Access or not, so I force runtime mode to ensure consistent
running. In A97 I don't recall any problems, maybe my ODE97 install stuck
mso97rt.dll on their PC anyway, or whatever else was required)