Re: Access 2002 command line options.

From: Chris Mills (
Date: 07/20/04

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 21:21:19 +1200

Hell, I'm just another Struggling User, Van, or Dinh, and the records will
show I make mistakes but am not without experience. With asking sensible
keywords of the help system (up to but not including 2003), for instance. The
command line options don't really matter (in that many in this newsgroup could
answer specific queries), the question is why did HonestGoofy have to ask in
the first place, and "even I" got myself tripped up by saying to lookup
MS-Access Help?

I'm NOT mad (a clear indication I must be). I happen to know that Help is near
useless in some versions. But I think I'm asking pertinent questions. Of
Microsoft's performance, forget IE or virus holes, forget that 90% of the
world's business relies on MS crap, just take note that even the HELP doesn't
work :-)

"Van T. Dinh" wrote in message ...
> IIRC, I found the switch /runtime in A97. I am fairly sure /rt also works
> in A97.
> Sorry, can't check now as I don't have A97 on this PC.
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> Van T. Dinh
> MVP (Access)