Re: Help needed w/Runtime, XP, and "Can't be started." error

From: John Moore (
Date: 07/12/04

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 18:41:25 GMT


It turns out to be an XP permissions and/or policy problem, not a
SageKey issue. We solved it temporaily by giving the user full Admin
rights. We are going to change various user permissions and/or
policies until we find out which are causing the problem.

I will post the results back to the newsgroups.

By the way, the PCs are configured the same as far as the processor,
RAM, BIOS, and every other thing we could think of to check. In
addition, both were ordered from Dell to the same specs and were
delivered together. I have been around long enough to know you are
right the nothing is "exactly" the same but we did not know what else
to checked.


"Chris Mills" <> wrote:

>> I still do not have an answer to this problem even though you did
>> suggested that I contact SageKey in your
>> response. Unfortunately, I had done that prior to my original post
>> without any luck.
>What no luck? Did Barry not respond? Not know? What PRECISELY was the
>I don't believe sagekey would respond negatively unless it was not their
>problem. At the same time, since your original post referred to a sagekey
>install, no-one else is likely to know better (eg neither I nor Tony use
>sagekey, even though we know it's one of the best)
>>"Can't be started was unable to initialize the Windows Registry rerun
>>Microsoft Access or Microsoft Office setup to reinstall"
>>The problem is that the same identical installation CD will work on
>>one PC in the same office and not another.
>So? It's well known that PC's can just stuff-up. You didn't say what the
>results of the advice were. It takes a brave man(PC correct:object) to say
>"they are configured EXACTLY the same".
>Once is happenstance
>Twice is coincidence
>Thrice is enemy action