Help needed w/Runtime, XP, and "Can't be started…" error

From: John Moore (
Date: 07/06/04

Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 22:50:38 GMT

We distribute a commercial product as an Acc97 runtime using the Wise
Installation system and Sagekey scripts. Up until a week ago
installations have been rock solid. Recently, however, we have two
Windows XP PCs, with full versions of Office installed, fail to
install the software properly. When the user tries to start the
program they get the following error:

"Can't be started was unable to initialize the Windows Registry rerun
Microsoft Access or Microsoft Office setup to reinstall"

The problem is that the same identical installation CD will work on
one PC in the same office and not another. The policies and
permissions appear to be the same on each PC but we get the "can't be
stared" on one and not the other. Each machine is a Dell, fairly new,
and is configured exactly the same.

We have looked on Google for past items and have seen a few over the
last several years that have had the same problem but there appear to
be no answers posted. If anyone has seen a solution or even a cause of
this problem, we would be grateful for the help.