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From: Jim Hess (
Date: 05/18/04

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    Thank you for that information. I followed the
    instructions and was able to register the file. But now I
    have another problem, and perhaps I should have considered
    that before I proceeded. At the present time I have
    Access 97, Access 2000, Access XP, and now Access 2003
    installed on my computer. After I registered the DLL as
    instructed, when I try to start Access 2003 I get
    the "Preparing to install" dialog box. If I click Cancel,
    Access will open, but I still cannot see the list of
    tables in the Linked Table Manager. Yes, I know, I need
    to remove some of these older versions, but if I do I'm
    not sure what problems I might encounter.

    Another question. The reason I was told to update to
    Access/Office 2003 is because our IT department is moving
    all of our computers to Windows 2000. And as they do
    this, they are installing only Office 2003. The databases
    will run, and all of the calculations seem to be correct,
    but some of the columns in the reports are not being
    spaced properly and some of the numeric formatting is
    missing. I can run the reports on my computer in any of
    the versions (except 97, which I don't use it at all
    anymore) and the reports format properly. But I have all
    of these different versions on the computer that I am
    using to print the reports. Am my dealing with some
    missing font issues, or what?

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    >> I have an Access database application that has been
    >> running now for several years. In fact, beginning July
    >> we will start in the sixth fiscal year that we have used
    >> this application. The network administrators here at
    >> do not notify me when they decide to upgrade users from
    >> one version of Access to another. Consequently, when I
    >> have connected an Access XP front end to an Access 2000
    >> back end, I have run into some formatting problems with
    >> some of my reports. Management has now decided that
    >> want to migrate the entire application to Access 2003.
    >> have started to do this. However, I cannot use the
    >> Table Manager. When I open the manager there are no
    >> listed. I looked in the help files, but couldn't seem
    >> find anything that addressed my problem. Can anyone
    >> please tell me what I need to do? I can see the tables
    >> the database window. I can run the program can see the
    >> data and print the reports. But when I want to link to
    >> the live data on the server, the Linked Table Manager
    >> doesn't list any files whatsoever. What am I doing

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