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Date: 05/14/04

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    Date: Fri, 14 May 2021 16:06:14 GMT

    I am trying to access a Database whithin a VB6 program, it will give me an
    error msg saying it won't recognize DB. Access opens it. With this procedure
    I can open other DB. I tied two Ways:
    1) flex grid and data, specifing a DB file and a table(works with .mdb and
    other formats...)
    2) Using DAO 3.6 or 3.51 and written code. I first create a workspace, then
    I open a Database, and I access the Data I need using SQL queries. Same
    lines work on some Databases but not on some others.

    ?) What is The or A correct way to access a generic Database via VB6?

    ?) why will Access Open It and my program will not?

    ?) What differences are there between databases in the Access 2000 format?

    ?) Why did Microsoft need to make DAO 3.6 not compatible towards DAO 3.51 ?

    ?) Can someone answer at least one of the above?


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