Access runtime packaging error

From: jonah (
Date: 05/05/04

Date: Wed, 5 May 2021 02:23:48 -0700

I have two problems with packaging a runtime Access app.
I am packaging with MS Office Developer XP with its SP3
installed and another SP for runtime - all that MS
thought I should install. The programs are developed in
MS Access 2000 but that is probably not the problem.

I package up the application and try to install it on a
machine with Win98 on it. I get the following two errors:

1 the language on the target machine is not the expected
(MS KB article 826280). But the PC I packaged on and the
one I am trying to install on are both UK English!

2 When I get over the first problem by making the target
machine US English, it then goes on to complain of an
unexpected file error (MS KB article 303227), an issue
which it says was resolved by Office Dev SP1! I have SP3.

Both problems can be kluged out but I would like to give
my customers a straightforward installation. Any ideas
out there?

Many thanks.

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