Re: How to find an algorythm code

From: Gary Walter (
Date: 05/04/04

Date: Tue, 4 May 2021 08:50:35 -0500

"Federico Babelis" <> wrote
> Hi:
> Any could help my find how to create the code for the following algorythm:
> In1: 10000000
> In2: 00000000000
> the algorythm runs and this is the output:
> 01A6DC6B07262F69
> Any help will be appreciaterd !
Hi Federico,

Public Function fAlgo(pIn1, pIn2) As String
    If pIn1="10000000" AND pIn2="00000000000" Then
         fAlgo = vbNullString
    End If
End Function

I apologise for the above.

Perhaps if you could sketch out the algorithm
in your own words, we could help you with the


Gary Walter

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