Re: MS Access Compact on Close

From: Douglas J. Steele (
Date: 04/30/04

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    Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 17:25:55 -0400

    Compact On Close only works if you're using Access. If your first question
    is asking whether it'll compact if you update it from, say Visual Basic, the
    answer is no.

    I haven't had enough exposure to .Net to know what the answer is to your
    second question. If .Net still lets you use DAO, then the answer would be
    yes. I don't believe it's possible to set the property using ADO. You need a
    database property named Auto Compact (complete with space): set it to 1 to
    compact on close, 0 otherwise.

    Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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    "Rob" <> wrote in message
    > In MS Access there is a feature called 'compact on close'
    > I have two questions that I would appreciate help with,
    > First question:  Does the 'compacting on close' only happen if you are
    using MS Access; ie. if I have a program I wrote myself and open it,
    update/delete some records and close it will the access file be compacted?
    > Second question: can I set the 'compact on close' flag on for a particular
    database from
    > Thanks,

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