Re: Split Database-HELP!!-1 form opens up blank

The users also need appropriate permission on the recordsource for the form
i.e. the Customers table.

Joan Wild
Microsoft Access MVP

tiskal wrote:
> I'm in the test stages of splitting an Access97 database (multi-user,
> multi-facility environment) so that the front end can be opened with
> Access97 or Access2003 software. All queries, forms, etc. work fine
> after making the split except for one New Record entry form that has
> a sub-form tied to it (for automatically adding new customer names).
> The form opens fine when I log in as the administrator but it opens
> as a blank screen when I log in as a User in a group with more
> limited rights. Still, if I right click on the blank form I can click
> on a sort button that comes up and the forms opens in sort mode!
> I've checked all my form properties; Allow additions, edits,
> deletions & filters all = Yes; its source is the correct 'Customers'
> table; Recordset Type = Dynaset; and Record Locks = No locks. The
> sub-form also opens up with a blank screen when I don't log in as
> administrator. The subject group has open/run rights to both forms.
> Any insight on resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated! This
> is my 3rd posting on this. Thanks,
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> Tim
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> Tim