Issues on Client PCs

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Date: 05/14/04

Date: Fri, 14 May 2021 15:59:00 -0700

Consider, then, reverting your machine to the same
versions that the users machines are on. That's not to say
that having compatible versions is the ONLY way in your
situation, but very often it IS the only way. Different
versions on development and production machines are
certainly a frequent cause of problems.

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>Using Access XP SP3 and SQL Server 2K
>Built an Access adp file, works fine on my development
>machine running Win 98. Placed a copy of the file on
>client machine running Win 2000 Pro and Access XP SP2.
>They are on a slightly older version of ADO, and they're
>MDAC is a step behind mine (but everything worked fine
>me before my development computer was at the version it
>Stored procedures with output parameters that run fine on
>my development machine, when executed through an ADO
>command object's execute method, are causing runtime
>errors stating "The stored procedure sp_Procedure expects
>parameter @theParam and none was supplied." Even if I
>default values to these parameters, it halts.
>I know the adp file is connecting to the SQL Server
>I can see the tables and sprocs, and work with them as
>as the user's permissions will allow.
>I'd like ideas, if possible, other than "upgrade to SP3"
>and "get the latest MDAC" as those are scheduled to
>through our corporate IT, but not for a couple of
>Please tell me I'm overlooking something simple.