Re: OLE DB Error 999 "Object Was in Use"

Thanks for your response; as a matter of fact, we are using PowerBuilder, but
neither of the references you found seems to apply to our application. And
the same code works as expected with other SQL Server databases, so I was
hoping I could get a more general idea of what the root cause of this very
non-descriptive error might be.

"Bob Barrows" wrote:

Steven Bras wrote:
On one particular sql server, our application, which uses sql ole db,
gets the following error when attempting to delete and then insert
data into a table:

Code 999
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Object was open

Any assistance with what might cause this error would be greatly

That's a new one on me. Can you show us some code that would produce
this error?

I've done a quick google and all the incidents I see for this error are
a result of using PowerBuilder. Are you using that tool? If so, perhaps
this is relevant: (scroll down to
see Change Request 279120)

If that's not relevant, here are the rest of the search results:"object+was+open"&btnG=Search

Bob Barrows


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