Re: Could not update; currently locked error

Hello S Haney,

Thank you for your message.
Here are the properties I get from the connection:

Current Catalog =
Active Sessions = 128
Asynchable Commit = False
Catalog Location = 1
Catalog Term = Database
Column Definition = 1
NULL Concatenation Behavior = 2
Data Source Name = D:\temp\temp.mdb
Read-Only Data Source = False
DBMS Name = MS Jet
DBMS Version = 04.00.0000
GROUP BY Support = 4
Heterogeneous Table Support = 2
Identifier Case Sensitivity = 8
Maximum Index Size = 255
Maximum Row Size = 4049
Maximum Row Size Includes BLOB = False
Maximum Tables in SELECT = 0
Multiple Storage Objects = False
Multi-Table Update = True
NULL Collation Order = 4
OLE Object Support = 1
ORDER BY Columns in Select List = False
Prepare Abort Behavior = 1
Prepare Commit Behavior = 2
Procedure Term = STORED QUERY
Provider Name = MSJETOLEDB40.DLL
OLE DB Version = 02.10
Provider Version = 04.00.8227
Schema Term = Schema
Schema Usage = 0
SQL Support = 512
Structured Storage = 9
Subquery Support = 63
Isolation Levels = 4096
Isolation Retention = 9
Table Term = Table
User Name = Admin
Pass By Ref Accessors = False
Transaction DDL = 16
Asynchable Abort = False
Data Source Object Threading Model = 1
Output Parameter Availability = 1
Persistent ID Type = 4
Multiple Parameter Sets = True
Rowset Conversions on Command = True
Multiple Results = 0
Provider Friendly Name = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet
Alter Column Support = 36
Open Rowset Support = 2
Cache Authentication = True
Encrypt Password = False
Mask Password = False
Password =
User ID = Admin
Data Source = D:\temp\temp.mdb
Window Handle = 0
Mode = 16
Extended Properties =
Locale Identifier = 1033
Jet OLEDB:System database =
Jet OLEDB:Registry Path =
Jet OLEDB:Database Password =
Jet OLEDB:Engine Type = 5
Jet OLEDB:Database Locking Mode = 1
Jet OLEDB:Global Partial Bulk Ops = 2
Jet OLEDB:Global Bulk Transactions = 1
Jet OLEDB:New Database Password =
Jet OLEDB:Create System Database = False
Jet OLEDB:Encrypt Database = False
Jet OLEDB:Don't Copy Locale on Compact = False
Jet OLEDB:Compact Without Replica Repair = False
Jet OLEDB:SFP = False
Jet OLEDB:Compact Reclaimed Space Amount = 434176
Autocommit Isolation Levels = 4096
Jet OLEDB:ODBC Command Time Out = 0
Jet OLEDB:Max Locks Per File = 0
Jet OLEDB:Implicit Commit Sync = False
Jet OLEDB:Flush Transaction Timeout = 0
Jet OLEDB:Lock Delay = 0
Jet OLEDB:Max Buffer Size = 0
Jet OLEDB:User Commit Sync = True
Jet OLEDB:Lock Retry = 0
Jet OLEDB:Exclusive Async Delay = 0
Jet OLEDB:Shared Async Delay = 0
Jet OLEDB:Page Timeout = 0
Jet OLEDB:Recycle Long-Valued Pages = False
Jet OLEDB:Reset ISAM Stats = True
Jet OLEDB:Connection Control = 2
Jet OLEDB:ODBC Parsing = False
Jet OLEDB:Page Locks to Table Lock = 0
Jet OLEDB:Sandbox Mode = False
Jet OLEDB:Transaction Commit Mode = 0

As far as I understand Jet OLEDB:Database Locking Mode is the property.
From MSDN:
Typical R/W: R/W

Description: Jet OLEDB:Database Locking Mode

Scheme to use when locking the database.


DBPROPVAL_DL_OLDMODE — Old mode used in previous releases of Jet's storage
DBPROPVAL_DL_ALCATRAZ — Alcatraz mode. Enables locking mode that allows for
row-level locking. This does not preclude page locking.
A database can be open in only one mode at a time. The first user to open
the database determines the locking mode used while the database is open.

I suppose if the values start with 0, the 2nd one has the value 1. Am I right?

Thanks in advance,

"S Haney" wrote:

Just out of curiosity...did you double check the level of locking that you
set for your database? I only ask because it seems that if one thread will
execute (update or insert a record) properly on the same table the other
thread will not (even though both are updating / inserting a different
record) that the problem is that you set the table to lock when a record is
getting updated instead of using record-level locking.

Just a thought :)

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