Re: Non initialized Cmd Parameter Collection via ASP vs SQL Server

I keep forgetting to mention one thing we saw today. We ran the MDAC version
checker tool, and it reported mismatches for a lot when we compared to
Windows Server 2003 SP2. They certainly run with it according to winver.
I didn't want to force them to re-apply the service pack, although I do
suspect it could have something to do with the problems.


"Bob Barrows [MVP]" wrote:

Lars-Erik wrote:
The "runCommand" function is always called with an initialized and
open connection.

One of the procedures that works and has 5 parameters after .Refresh
looks like this:
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[UpdateSkiftTid]
@SkiftID Integer,
@LinjeID Integer,
@SkiftStart DateTime,
@SkiftStopp DateTime

One of the ones that does not work (0 parameters after .Refresh)
looks like this:
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[UpdateNormverdier]
@LinjeID as int,
@GradID as int,
@AntallSkift as int,
@Stopptid as int,
@AntallProd as int,
@AntallStopp as int

None of them has any explicit return value, but as I recall, .Refresh
creates one anyway. (And the 5 returned parameters imply..)

I've tried SQL Server Native and SQL Server using ODBC via ODBC
dsn's, and I've also tried using a connection string with

Well, I'm stumped. You haven't tried the SQLNaCli provider then?

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