Re: Non initialized Cmd Parameter Collection via ASP vs SQL Server

Lars-Erik wrote:

The code I provided doesn't show, but after the connection, command
type and command text are set I also call

I've done a little testing at the customers server, and it seems that
Refresh fills the parameters for some, but not all of the stored

Any way to fix it?

I don't know, and now I'm really glad I never use it.

It might help to show the beginning of the CREATE PROCEDURE script for one
of the procedures for which Refresh does not work. We just need to see the
part where the parameters are declared
create procedure myprocedure (
@parm1 int, ..., @parmN varchar(5)) AS

You're not using any SQL2005-specific datatypes are you? Are you using the
native client provider to connect to SQL 2005?

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