Re: BatchUpdate problem with Vista SP1 and XP SP3

I'm sure it will be rolled into the next service pack, so if you have
automatic updates, you will see it come through. I know of no way to get
announcements from MS as to pending SPs. i have to depend on word-of-mouth
and autoupdates myself.

Damir Arh wrote:
You were right, this is the cause of the problem. After installing
the hotfix the problem is gone. Is there any way to know when this
hotfix will be released as a regular update, if at all?

Thank you very much for your engagement in figuring this out.

"Bob Barrows [MVP]" wrote:

Damir Arh wrote:

As I stated previously this works just fine on Windows Vista without
SP1 and on Windows XP SP2. Something must have changed with the
latest service packs.

It would be really nice to know what exactly is happening here and
whether there is any workaround to make this work. We've already
started fixing our code to avoid the need for such views since this
really is a pressing matter for our customers which are just
to deploy the Service Packs.

Just had a reply from the MVP group which pointed me at this KB

This is likely to be the cause of your problem.

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