ADOX not deleting on first attempt

Hi group,

I'm trying to delete some tables (in my test case all tables) using

Problem is, it takes a couple of "runs" to delete all the table.
Is there a reason for this? Is there any dependencies that does not
allow the table to be deleted and if so, why don't I get an error
(even when I check ADODB.Connection.Error)?

This seems to be happening with views also.

Here's the code:

Dim catalog As ADOX.catalog
Set catalog = New ADOX.catalog

Dim table As ADOX.table
Dim tableNode As IXMLDOMNode

Dim index As ADOX.index
Dim deleteCount As Integer

' Set active ADO Connection
catalog.ActiveConnection = g_cn

'deleteCount = 0
For Each table In catalog.Tables
' Don't try to delete views or system tables
If StrComp(table.Type, "TABLE", vbTextCompare) = 0 Then
' Drop the table
catalog.Tables.Delete table.Name
'deleteCount = deleteCount + 1
End If
'Loop While deleteCount > 0