Select statement for boolean and/or DateTime values?

Hi together,

What I'm currently using is something like

IDbCommand cmd=AdoProviderFactory.GetCommand(command,m_DB.Connection,m_DB.ProviderType);
IDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

here cmd is an Ole, ODBC (e.g. MSAccess), SqLite or SqlCommand depending on the Provider, command is a string like

SELECT * FROM table WHERE booleancolumn= 'false'AND datetimecolumn='20.10.2021 10:43:25'

The above works for an SQL Server, means reader contains the row I'm looking for. But for the rest the select statement seems not to work as expected.

I thought it should be simple but now I'm looking for a common solution since several days reading dozends of google hits etc...

So my questions are:

* As there a way to create a common sql statement that works for all above database providers? If not how should the statement lookm like for SQLite and/or MSAccess? Sorry might be a newbie here ;)
* Or maybe there in another alternative to query for the row I'm looking for?

thx in advance for any help