Re: ADODB.Stream.Open now with VS2005 gives wrong type error message

Hi Mark & Chris,

1. It is not possible to set the attributes earlier than the open with the
exception of the mode property. See for yourself.

2. The open call only has one type of method and that requires specifying
all the options. Saying open() does not compile.

3. Specifying the mode ahead of time works, but that I knew.

4. Setting the other paraemters does not work as the user name and password
are strings. I am passing "", "" for them. The system options is unspecified
and I highly doubt that is the issue. More than likely the issue is the
source. Sadly, there is no source property to set ahead of time.

If it is possible to call open with no properties, you will have to indicate
how. I have to specify a ( and that requires a ), which in turn requires the
other parameters. 99.999% is that the argument that it is no longer happy
with is the Missing.Value for the source, which seems to me to be a bug in

I can send a zip file or you can simply copy and paste those three lines
into a program and setting the ADO 2.7 reference and trying for yourself.
VS2003 will work, or at least it did, and VS2005 on my system fails.

I really can use the help, as I the code stops at this point and I have no
idea how to resolve this issue.