Re: vb6 call recordset from sql server 2000 - working until using parameters - then empty recordset

Ah, same here. Geez, I must be getting old.

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"Bob Barrows [MVP]" <reb01501@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OKW%23mSaCIHA.3940@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
aaapaul wrote:
I found out, that I am getting the data.

Do While Not Rs1.EOF
Debug.Print Rs1.Fields(0)

But why cant I bind the grid directly to the recordset?

Set Me.MSFlexGrid1.DataSource = Rs1

Sorry, but it's been too long since I used vb6, and even when I did, I never bound my grids to data sources, preferring to fill them myself. You will probably get better response to this in a VB6 group such as microsoft.public.vb.general.discussion

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