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MarcOS wrote:

How can I pass a rdoResultset from an old database to an SQL 2005?

Can I desconect the rdoResultset from the old database, and then
connect it to the SQL 2005 in order to create or update a table with
the rdoResultset data?

No. You have to insert the records into the new database via one of the
following techniques (in order of preference):

1. SQL 2005 has builtin import functionality - look up SQL Server
Integration Services (SSIS) either in BOL or using google or post to a
sql server newsgroup if you wish to pursue this route, which is the one
I recommend

2. You can still use BCP with SQL 2005 if that's relevant

3. using a parameterized sql insert statement executed via an ADO (this
IS and ADO newsgroup ... <grin>) Command object passing the parameter
values from the rdo recordset

4. Opening an ADO recordset on the table in the new database using
adLockOptimisticBatch, disconnecting it, updating it with the data in
the rdo recordset, reconnecting it and calling the UpdateBatch method

4. Opening a recordset on the table in the new database and updating it
with the data from the rdo recordset.

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