Re: Trouble recreating ADO recordset from XML

If your code runs in IE's process space, you should be aware of this KB

In a nutshell, ADODB.Stream got the "kill bit" in some security patch a few
years ago. A viable work-around object is MSXML.DOMDocument, which (like
ADODB.Stream) exposes an IStream, and works as both a destination for the
Save function, and a source for the Open function.


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Sorry - hope this clarifies.

I use rst->Save to persist the data into a _Stream object. I then
send the stream over COM.

On the other side, I take the stream received, and use
_Stream::WriteText in order to take the buffer received over COM and
write it into the new stream.

Finally, I use Recordset::Open with the stream, an empty connection
(retrieved from the GetActiveConnection method of the recordset
pointer, which should be an empty connection), adOpenDynamic for
cursor type, adLockbatchOptimistic for the lock tyoe, and adCmdFile as
an option.

This works on most machines, but doesn't on a certain group.

The exception I get when trying to look in the recordset has no
description (the string seems to be empty), and the HRESULT is S_OK,
making debugging this all the more difficult.