Re: Trouble recreating ADO recordset from XML

<muybluie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello All,

I have two modules running on two different processes; they use COM to

One module retrieves recordsets from an Oracle datasource, persists
them into an XML stream, and then sends them to the second module.
the second module then takes the stream and converts it back to a

While this works on most machines, one set of machines is having
trouble with this. Although Open returns S_OK, any attempts to access
the recordset throw exceptions. The recordset does not seem to be

Any ideas on what's going on?


I would like to play, and I'm sure others would like to as well, but you
have to provide more information. What exceptions? How are you creating the
xml - rc.Save? What streams - ADO object? Something you created? What Open?



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