RE: Retrieve Party Name in Biztalk Map for edi orders

If you have a non-repeating field 'X' in your destination-schema,
you can use the principle of demotion.
I think the party-name (or something similar) should be available in the
promoted properties of the incoming message. So you can assign this to 'X'
using promoted properties.

On the send-port you can use your map, just make sure that your 'X' node is
there (empty) and demotion will fill the data before leaving.


"Adam" wrote:

I am processing an inbound EDI document and mapping to a custom flat file
specification. Is there a way to perform a lookup to retrieve the party
name/trading partner id setup in Biztalk for the current order being
processed? Since the edi schemas strip off the isa and gs segemts, I have no
way using any unique values to do this. What I would like to do is create
one map that gets used for all trading partners that send orders, and I would
have nothing specific to a trading partner in that map.

Also, can schemas with the ISA and GS segments be used in bts?