Reload GAC assembly in a child appdomain when testing BTS assembli


I usually end up using custom assemblies in my maps, and I've gotten to the
point where I decided that I want to figure out how to avoid having to
restart Visual Studio to refresh the assembly in use.

If I build and regac (post build event) the assembly with my custom code, I
need to restart Visual Studio for the appdomain to pick up the new version of
the code. I don't increment the version number on the assembly. It stays at or similar.

I would love to be able to create a new appdomain, and load the new version
of the assembly into that domain, and then unload the domain at the end of my

Anybody gotten that to succeed? Nobody in the The CLR Runtime group could
tell me if that would work. I have only dabbled in it for 5 minutes and
havent gotten it to work yet.

Would it work????