Re: Orchestration Instances Not Terminating

"Steve Harclerode" <Lizard.That.Was@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

One thing mentioned in my original post is correct: the MDN gets received
(I can see it by querying AS2/MDN Status). For some reason the
orchestration isn't getting it, though. Is AS2 a protocol where a 1-way
port would be better? I'll see if I can get my client to let me mess
around a bit.

- Steve

I did some experimentation today. If I use a 1 way port, the MDN is *not*
received, but the orchestration does finish. If I use a 2 way port, the MDN
is received, but the orchestration does *not* finish. My guess is that there
is an issue because of the role link bound to the 2 way port.

- Steve


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