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there is definitely a cost associated in .NET serialization and Deserialization. It's all about whether that cost is within your SLA to tolerate.

When you first use the XmlSerializer against a given type, a dynamic class is created and compiled on the fly to represent the serialized class.

You can avoid this dynamic gen and compile step by using sgen.exe, which enables your to pregenerate serialization assemblies and deploy this on your server to avoid the dynamic gen and compile.

Saravana Kumar [MVP - BizTalk Server]

"DNova" <dnova7@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:06fa6e15-cdb2-42da-9c1d-cda023ca654d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As long as you don't a ton of messages flying around (like thousands
at once) you should be fine. The main issue is that the serializer is
going to completely instantiate the object, meaning it wont stream
like messages in biztalk do. This streaming keeps BizTalk's memory
foot print very stable as only parts of a message are loaded into
memory at any one time. I do this alot with no side effects. The
only one I've ever had was on a server that would throw these like
carriage returns or some extended character in the message and then it
would sometimes not have the whole message. I think it was an
unpatched server. I posted about it on this group two weeks ago.
That said, I still do this a lot with no problems.

Oh also, if you don't want a .NET class your helper method can take
XmlDocument or the message interface. By default these will both pass
by ref and you can sneak in and change values behind BizTalk's back.
This will preserve your promoted properties though so will
NewMessage(*) = OldMessage(*) at the end of your orchestration.

I hope this helps some, if you have more questions please feel free to

Kind Regards,


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