RE: Biztalk Project not available in Visual Studio 2005

I had to fully uninstall Biztalk and reinstall it from scratch. A repair
didn't work, once I reinstalled Biztalk, the Biztalk project template is
available in Visual Studio.

"fifo123" wrote:

Do you have Visual Stuido 2005 SP1 installed. If not try that.

"ngruson" wrote:

I just installed Biztalk Server 2006 R2 Developer Edition and Visual Studio
2005 on a Windows 2008 server. I not installed them in the default location,
but on other harddisk.
Now, the Biztalk Project template is not available in Visual Studio. Also,
when I try to load a solution containing BizTalk projects, I get

The application for project 'C:\Projects\MyBiztalkProject.btproj' is not

Make sure the application for the project type (.btproj) is installed.

How do I make the Biztalk Project template available in Visual Studio?

Nils Gruson