RE: Generate message schemas from WSDL ?


I have done that but the message schemas for the WebMethods don't show up. I
wanted the message schema so I could promote certain properties and access
them directly in the orchestration.

Ravi Shankar

"Roch Baduel" wrote:


The simplest way to do it is to use the standard "add web reference" but
instead of pointing the webservice url just point your wsdl file.

"Ravi Shankar" wrote:


We have a requirement where we need to call a WebService from our
orchestrations.. The WebService has been implemented with "Forms
Authentication" so I cannot use the discovery tool to generate the complete
message schemas. I have however been able to get the WSDL file.

Is there some tool which will permit me to generate the message schemas from
this WSDL file ?

Ravi Shankar