Re: Urgent: Slow Response to First Request

Im using Biztalk 2006 on Windows 2003. I have a set of orchestrations
published as web services and these in turn call some other .NET webservices.
The target webservices have been unit tested and perform well. The Biztalk
services however take very long time when they are first called or after a
period of inactivity.

I found an old post here
which suggests using HttpBatchSize . But that key doesnt exist for 06. Any
ideas if it should be there or is it renamed or do we have to create it

You might be getting hit by two different issues. The first one is that depending on how you have your BizTalk configured, it might unload certain assemblies (like your orchestrations) after a certain period of inactivity. You can tune this behavior by forcing biztalk to load your assemblies into a separate appdomain and configure the approrpriate settings for it, which are documented here:

The second issue (and the one that usually causes more trouble) is ASP.NET itself. Your published webservices execute inside IIS in your ASP.NET application. ASP.NET, unfortunately, has some hardcoded limits which cause it to unload an application's appdomain after some inactivity, and there's no options or settings you can use to avoid that behavior (even the inactivity period is hardcoded by the runtime and not modifyable). The only option I've seen to work around this is to create a small script that hits the webservice (even if it is just to retrieve its wsdl) at regular intervals, to ensure it never gets unloaded.

Tomas Restrepo


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